"Oh Heinz KOrnagel, life is so difficult."    "There is always so much to do."    "It is a punishment to listen to this voice."

"If there is a business community, then there is no other community."    "So what." steadfast, resolute

"You're great!"    "I'm forgettable."    Huned percent" hun-ed, meaning one hundred percent    "One has to laugh."   

"Couldn't someone else go?" to India with the Beatles    "What happened to the left wing."

"I'm looking so much forward...."    "Socks to you." an endearment, play acting tough, followed by a laugh

"Somewhere in nowhere."    "After a war, the women look like hell and they never get their looks back."                                

Änyone who believed in trickle down economics should be made to suffer.

"Shall I slaughter it?"  as he held up a fruit or vegetable.    "That's enough, Heinz Kornagel." and he would eat no more

"Oh no!" a discovery said magically or