"Women have to grow up first."  before his belief"Women's health teaches humanity."

''Oh wonderful" Heinz's response when I told him author Alice Walker is a feminist.

"Oh wonderful. Congratulations." Heinz was truly happy for another's good fortune, no mixed feelings there

question: "How are you."  his answer "So, la,la."   his take on "So, so."

question: "What is most important in life?"  his answer: "Balance.

question: "Do you regret resisting?" his answer, immediate and shouted "No! I wish I could have done more!"

"Something was stuck in my throt."  throat, a reinvention all his own

 "I was doozing. Is it dozing or doozing?" Heinz never wondered if throt was throat

"Shizer." a couple of times per week    "Shizer, shizer, shizer."  occasionally

"I am dummkopf."  into his mid eighties Heinz would laugh at his minor mix ups

"This sounds nice."   as I worked in the kitchen he told me when I had made music

"I closed shop."   in our good night call Heinz would tell me he had prepared the room for night and sleep