"Women have to grow up first."  before his belief"Women's health teaches humanity."

''Oh wonderful" Heinz's response when I told him author Alice Walker is a feminist.

"Oh wonderful. Congratulations." Heinz was truly happy for another's good fortune, no mixed feelings there

question: "How are you."  his answer "So, la,la."   his take on "So, so."

question: "What is most important in life?"  his answer: "Balance.

question: "Do you regret resisting?" his answer, immediate and shouted "No! I wish I could have done more!"

"Something was stuck in my throt."  throat, a reinvention all his own

 "I was doozing. Is it doozing or dozing?" Heinz never wondered if throt was throat

"Shizer." a couple of times per week    "Shizer, shizer, shizer."  occasionally

"I am dummkopf."  into his mid eighties Heinz would laugh at his minor mix ups

"If you are depressed and you lie down, you've had it"   man in motion explained

"This sounds nice."   as I worked in the kitchen he told me when I had made music

"I closed shop."   in our good night call Heinz would tell me he had prepared the room for night and sleep