Thank you for reading about Heinz. "The essence of life is to care." Heinz cared deeply, whether he was laughing or yelling in anger. It did not end in one circumstance and resume within another. A therapist of mine described Heinz as "complex". He took this well. Values were never compromised. Heinz was not for sale. Regardless of his economic status, his vote never changed. Heinz wanted more for everyone; our potential fulfilled. Those who took opportunity/decency from others or didn't bother to achieve what they could, angered him. Heinz could not understand these choices. He would quote and laugh "Love the war,. The peace will be hell". To most people, revolution is easier than evolution. Heinz was meant for the latter. and lived in a structure not at war, yet not evolving. People who knew him, needed and risked asking for his opinion  and guidance. There were no false words. A negative was quick, as kind as possible and never mentioned again. Positive or negative, his answer was about you. Heinz could focus completely upon you and the matter at hand. None of him crowded out any part of you. It was miraculous to behold and one of his greatest gifts. Hearing an author in interview describe the type of person Heinz was, held me, as if in mid air. The author finished, summarizing his description in one word: "rare".


Women's health teaches humanity[page 1].                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Guilt is for one generation[page 3].                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    LGBTQ are a basic part of each group, not a minority[5].

 REFERENCES:  page 1; [i] CBC Massey Lecture A Short History of Progress, Richard Wright: "Hope is an achievement." Alain de Botton;      page two live lived  Heinz rarely used the f word , usually within a political frame; PAGE FIVE: Gimme Shelter was written in full sentences as it has an unexpected happy ending. Heinz had a small pension and the Old Age Supplement. At the level of his own security, his focus was not always clear. This gift was life changing; Karen wrote a book about her friendship with Christiane, Simple Things, Karen Lavut, Mercury Press     page : from The Hare With Amber Eyes, "Freud considered women to be immoral and in need of  direction."; Heinz considered Freud to be "an ASS-hole"                                         PAGE ELEVEN: 1831-American slave Nat Turner died in a slave rebellion, 1833-Canada abolished slavery, the Underground Railroad began, 1839-the first photograph was taken in the streets of Paris, there are no photographs of Canadian slavery                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        PAGE TWELVE:my friend does not add tobacco to his weed, many do.       page six[ ] my father told me                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        PAGE SIXTEEN: Piglet called to Pooh. Pooh asked him what he wanted, nothing, replied Piglet, explaining he just wanted to be sure of him. Heinz treasured this Winnie the Pooh moment. Nothing and everything.  PAGE SEVENTEEN:  quote re:caring, William Arthur Ward; complex  quote, Dr. C. McConnel; quote re:rare, Ian Buruma, CBC Radio, Writers and Company