When Heinz was attending music school, his class visited the studio of Paul Klee. He gave no details. Questionng him was not successful. The learning experience of the young boy was what he carried with him. A time and place when a child was introduced to another part of the art world. Heinz did say he had liked Paul Klee very much. As the years passed and Paul Klee's career unfolded, Heinz realized he liked the artist more than his art.

When I finished reading a book Heinz would enjoy, I told him the story. Both of us had alot of fun. Stephen Fry's 'Moab is my Washpot' made Heinz laugh and applaud. "Bad boy Fry." was exclaimed. Of particular delight, Stephen Fry in jail teaching the man in the next cell how to read.

Leni R was a shrew to her crew. The next moment she would turn to Heinz and be sweet. "Does she think I'm blind?" he would ask his coworkers. She knew he was vulnerable and could be sexually controlled. The men kept him safe in a time when he could not do this for himself. Where can people be fragile and safe?