Is the director who walked out of a CBC interview at TIFF guilty of obstruction of justice? Was film critic Eli Glasner getting too close to the truth? A young woman was made to fear for her life and she did not testify. A charge of rape was dropped. Did the director help his friend escape justice? Twelve years later she committed suicide.

Writing the life stories of a friend included gang rape in Gestapo prison. This has helped me to work more closely with the facts surrounding sexual assault.                                        stories   b&w photos   quotes                                                                                                 Heinz directed for This Hour Has Seven Days. Next he worked for the BBC. This ended with  deportation and being blacklisted. Please read about his life.   

After his death, Heinz may be guiding us toward justice.

Another website is in the planning stages. It will focus upon the reality of sexual assault and it's aftermath. When the survivor is male, we may be able to see/learn the facts.