They never sat down together to talk. Heinz and Glen Gould spoke in the hallways of the CBC building. Heinz would snatch a moment from his crazy, busy day. Glen Gould seemed never in a rush. How he acquired Heinz's phone number was a mystery. He and Karen were firm and the late night calls ended. He liked the guy. Didn't want to turn him away. Heinz told him about his mother's musical talent and accomplishments. Glen Gould was impressed with the Leipzig Conservatory. Heinz did not know if he knew about the crippling accident. No questions, no answers. After the first recording, Heinz told Glen Gould the music was played too quickly.

ENGLAND: more than thirty years later than first planned Heinz arrived in London     his work began on an international level     Heinz declined going to India with the Beatles, for three years he had worked every day on This Hour Has Seven Days and did not know the Fab Four had matured beyond Yeah, Yeah, Yeah     many people sensed he could be trusted with the unspoken, Heinz directed the documentary, meaning directed Heinz     a little child in a girl's school could not raise her head and look at people, Heinz took time and talked with her, later when he filmed her on the staircase with the cameraman a few steps below, she spoke about being sexually assaulted, Heinz took the film footage home to prevent her being exploited, it was the 1960s, he was reported, told to hand in the film he gave it to someone he trusted  in storage, it  was placed where it will never be found     filming at a fox hunt complete with protesters, a hunter was caught on film whipping the face of a female protester with his riding crop, he demanded the film be turned over to him, Heinz stopped this, he took the camera walked up to the hunter and said "I am not afraid of you." then drove away with the evidence, later the woman agreed he could use the footage, she did not want to be interviewed, Heinz felt this was best and agreed, the footage was aired, editorial comment of the day sided with the hunter because the protester was trespassing on private property     a documentary Heinz made about a former student of his mother was not what it could have been, he was unable to maintain the necessary distance     peace work: protesting against the Vietnam war     a party at his boss's home, Karen was Jewish and not invited, Heinz refused to attend, it was discovered she looked like Audrey Hepburn, she was invited, Heinz left early,people were expected to laugh at the boss's jokes which were not funny, then laugh again later when he repeated the same joke     Heinz was told he would be deported, Heinz was told he would not be deported, a big party to celebrate, then he was deported, the stamp on his passport was underlined, instructions from MI6, no re-entry

CANADA: Heinz soaked his passport in a bucket of water over night, requesting a replacement he explained his luggage had been submerged     no one would hire him, the producer of a long running television program used an idea of Heinz's, then he refused to pay Heinz or give him professional credit,the producer told Karen why should he hire Heinz admitting Heinz had more brains and talent than he had     Heinz became a househusband and Karen supported them, he started doing carpentry work     Christiane attempted suicide, Heinz cared for her in her recovery     accepting that he was blacklisted he planned to return to London

ENGLAND: Heinz and his passport arrived without incident     no one would hire him, he rented a room and Karen remained in Canada     he cleaned houses and apartments for one pound cash per hour, when there were two jobs in one day he cycled between the two and received no lunch, one of his clients worked in the arts and felt he had to let Heinz go because he could not accept that someone so gifted cleaned his home, they would discuss live performances they had seen, Heinz stood in long lines for a last minute one pound ticket     gave an unplanned talk at Goldsmith College, it began when cycling through campus after a  job, he was a big success with the professor and his students, paid with money from the teacher's lounge coffee jar     one employer owned a block of London flats,he had Heinz doing electrical work yet only paid him one pound per hour, when Heinz arrived in the morning the man and his wife would argue over which one Heinz would work for that day, Heinz planned to return to Canada